Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tips on How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Span of 6 Days (part 1 of 2)


Weight loss programs that promise to deliver desired results in a matter of days might be too good to be true – it is not though. Shedding of a few extra pounds in the shortest period of time is doable but extremely difficult. Without the right knowledge and tools, you are sure to put a tremendous amount of damage on the body especially if you are trying to lose pounds in a span of 6 days.

Benefits of Intense Dieting

A diet aimed at improving one’s eating habits is absolutely beneficial in terms of losing weight. If done right, it can produce desired results even in the shortest amount of time. If you want to lose weight in less than a week, it is advisable to perform a three-day intense dieting. This only means a total overhaul of your eating habits.

Be ready to clean your fridge of unhealthy foods and stock it with healthier ones. Get rid of junk foods on your cabinets and instead look for healthier alternatives, which you can munch on whenever you experience cravings. There are several diets that can produce intense results though they require you to adapt to extreme eating habits. Fasting or lessening the food you eat is one way of intense dieting. This type of diet requires you to lessen your portions every meal and eat only the right kinds of food. Though there are plenty of other diets out there, a fast diet is extremely effective.

More than Just an Exercise

Intense dieting should be partnered with the right type of exercise regimen. Exercise can also be beneficial in terms of helping you in your diet. Going camping is one way to help you in your diet while allowing you to perform intense exercise at the same time. If you plan to go on a three to six day of fast dieting, going camping for the same time length is very helpful. Camping will keep you away from eating excessively and unhealthy types of food.

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